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America's leading advocate for hemp is proud to unveil their new podcast! Each episode the show looks at Hemp in the news, hemp culture, products, best practices the people that use hemp and the people behind the industry. Shoot us your hemp related questions to @ministryofhemp on twitter or our email and we'll answer them on the show!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Morris Beegle: Hemp Can Be A Sustainable Industrial Alternative

    In our latest podcast episode, we talked with hemp industry leader Morris Beegle about how hemp can be a sustainable alternative to paper, wood and plastic products. First on episode 23 of the Ministry of Hemp Podcast, our host Matt answers some unanswered questions from ...


  2. Even More Hemp Questions Answered With Matt & Kit

    Where can you buy hemp fabric and why isn't it easier to find? What's coming in the future for hemp plastic? It's another episode of CBD and hemp questions answered! In this week's episode of the Ministry of Hemp Podcast it's time for another ...


  3. Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking? Plus: Talking CBN With Spencer Schelp

    Will we soon use a CBD-based drug to help people quit smoking? And what's CBN and how can it help us sleep? On episode 21 of the Ministry of Hemp Podcast, Matt talks about a new pharmaceutical drug that uses ...


  4. Minority Representation in Hemp: Giovan Jenkins & Steven Brown of Nothing But Hemp

    How can we increase minority representation in the hemp industry? That's the topic of episode 20 of the Ministry of Hemp Podcast. In this episode, our host Matt talks about a new report with good news about drug testing and CBD. Then Matt is ...


  5. Hemp Industries Association Conference 2019 & A Conversation with Joy Beckerman

    Our Editor in Chief Kit O'Connell just returned from the 2019 Hemp Industries Association Conference, so he came on our podcast to discuss what he'd learned and share part of an interview he conducted with HIA president Joy Beckerman. In episode 19 of the ...