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America's leading advocate for hemp is proud to unveil their new podcast! Each episode the show looks at Hemp in the news, hemp culture, products, best practices the people that use hemp and the people behind the industry. Shoot us your hemp related questions to @ministryofhemp on twitter or our email and we'll answer them on the show!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. FDA Registered Topical CBD Products, With Ed Donnelly of AmourCBD

    While we're still waiting for the FDA to release guidelines on CBD, there are a handful of FDA-registered topical products with CBD in them. In this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, we learn a bit more about one and the process of getting registered. ...


  2. A Hemp Children's Book & Colorado Hemp Farming With Blue Forest Farms

    This week's podcast guest created a unique children's book about hemp, in addition to farming our favorite plant in Colorado. First in this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, our host Matt opens with commentary on the ...


  3. Kansas Hemp Stories: Kansas Is Becoming A Hemp Powerhouse (Again)

    Today we're checking in with a newer state on the hemp scene: Kansas. As we've covered before, Kansas was once a powerhouse of hemp growing ... so powerful that the state struggled for years with wild hemp growing all over during the era when ...


  4. A Cuppa CBD Tea? We Meet Mike And Paul Harney Of Harney & Sons Tea

    We love relaxing with a hot cup of tea, and adding CBD just seems to make the experience better. First up on this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, Matt talks about the importance of wearing masks in public as the Covid ...


  5. CBD For Addiction & Injury Recovery: Brandon Stump Of Pachamama CBD

    Today on the Ministry of Hemp podcast, we learn about the ways CBD can assist with recovery from injury and even addiction. But first, our host Matt talks about the benefits of making paper from hemp. We've just updated this popular article to address ...