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America's leading advocate for hemp is proud to unveil their new podcast! Each episode the show looks at Hemp in the news, hemp culture, products, best practices the people that use hemp and the people behind the industry. Shoot us your hemp related questions to @ministryofhemp on twitter or our email and we'll answer them on the show!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Hemp Documentary Comes to Amazon Prime: Josh Hyde, Director of American Hemp

    Today on the Ministry of Hemp podcast, we meet the creator of a new hemp documentary on Amazon Prime Video. Our podcast Matt talked with filmmaker Josh Hyde, who discusses his work on the documentary film "American Hemp" and his new ...


  2. CBD Health Questions With Matt & Kit (Ministry of Hemp Podcast)

    In the Ministry of Hemp podcast, we answered your questions about CBD and health, including how doctors handle hemp and cannabis. That's right, our host Matt and Ministry of Hemp Editor in Chief Kit O'Connell are back to answer listener submitted hemp questions. ...


  3. Dr, Susan Trapp, Queen of Terpenes: Talking Terpene Science

    Known as the queen of terpenes, Dr. Susan Trapp is one of the foremost experts on terpene science, and she's bringing her expertise to the hemp and cannabis world. In this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, Matt talks about quarantine hemp cooking and ...


  4. CBD & The LGBTQ Community: Talking With Wayne Carkeek Of Out & About CBD

    Can CBD help with the anxiety and stress of being an out member of the LGBTQ community in a straight world? In this episode Matt talks about the dangers of ending social distancing practices too soon and some tips on ...


  5. Smoking CBD: Matt Smokes Hemp Flower With Nick Warrender Of Lifted Made

    On this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, we're confusing our neighbors and getting very relaxed as we try smoking our CBD, probably the original way most people experienced the benefits of cannabidiol. Our host Matt talked with Nick Warrender, the CEO of ...