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America's leading advocate for hemp is proud to unveil their new podcast! Each episode the show looks at Hemp in the news, hemp culture, products, best practices the people that use hemp and the people behind the industry. Shoot us your hemp related questions to @ministryofhemp on twitter or our email and we'll answer them on the show!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. CBD Testing & Stopping Bad CBD Oil With Confidence Analytics

    Third-party CBD testing is vital to ensure consumers receive safe, quality products. Research shows many CBD oil products are fake or mislabeled. In this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, our host Matt has a conversation with Pat Reynolds, operations director at ...


  2. THC Testing Hemp On The Go With Ron Fazio Of Hemp Synergistics

    Portable THC testing equipment could allow police to determine whether a sample of cannabis flower is hemp or illegal psychoactive cannabis ("marijuana"), potentially avoiding needless arrests. In this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podast, our host Matt talked with Ron Fazio COO of ...


  3. Hemp In Europe With Mark Reinders of HempFlax

    When it comes to using our favorite plant for almost anything other than CBD, the hemp industry in Europe can seem light years ahead of us. We take a closer look at hemp in Europe today on the Ministry of Hemp podcast. In this week's ...


  4. CBD During Pregnancy & Other Questions Answered (Podcast)

    Is it safe to use CBD during pregnancy? That's just one of the listener questions we address in today's episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast. It's time for another Question and Answer show where the MOH team answers questions from listeners. For the first ...


  5. CBD For Older Dogs: Discussing New 'Pain' Study On Dogs & CBD

    There's growing evidence that CBD can help older dogs, and today we talk to an expert. First in this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podcast, Matt starts out talking about CBD scams and false claims to watch out for, based on a recent ...